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Research Center

Highway Infrastructure and Traffic Engineering



















One of the most important aspects of traffic and transportation engineering is transportation infrastructures. If  transportation planning is considered as a software for traffic systems, then the transportation infrastructures may have the role as the hardware for the system. The Research Center for traffic infrastructure and traffic engineering

has been established since the beginning of the Research Institute, to fulfil the following objectives:


  • Preparation  of justification research studies for construction of roads, leveled and non-leveled intersections.
  • Representation of phase 1 and 2 of the intersections passages
  • Studies on airport comprehensive plans
  • Provision of standards and codes of practice for physical elements of passages like signals and boards, standards for zigzag intersections in highways, traffic calming standards
  • Provision of infrastructural plans required for integrated strategic management of highways
  • Traffic impact studies

This research center is ready to contribute in traffic plans and studies, due to its long term and valuable experiences in this field.

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