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Road Safety and Intelligent Transportation System



















Nowadays, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) plays an important role in transportation systems. There are various types of transportation planning regarding ITS development. The ITS is the combination of Information and communication technologies between vehicles and roads network. Using the Information Technology (IT), the ITS has formed the appropriate relationships between human, vehicles an highways. However, the ITS is not the sole alternative to resolve transportation perplexities. Appropriate infrastructure for implementation of ITS is a need to increase its efficiency.

Appropriate usage of services and ITS would result in dramatic improvements in safety and mobility. In addition, it would decrease the adverse effects of traffic congestion on the environment, fuel consumption and travel time.

Traffic accidents are the main cause of death in many countries throughout the world, which are the main challenges for any transportations systems. Efforts must be made to decrease the number of accidents on roadways. To achieve this end, providing the relevant road agencies with highway safety improvement plans would be an effective step.

The main objective of the road safety and ITS research center are as follows.

  • Providing the road agencies with comprehensive safety schemes in national and urban levels.
  • Efficient manage and planning of ITSs
  • Decrease the injuries in accidents and increase the safety level
  • Decrease the travel time
  • Increase the safety of major highways
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