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Road Safety and Intelligent Transportation System



















Nowadays, the Intelligent Transportation Systems are considered as an important part of transportation engineering, and extensive planning has been implemented in all countries with the aim of development of these systems.


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), are in fact a combination of information and communication technologies and, transportation vehicles and roads networks, where the passengers and goods are transported. By information technology, ITS creates a suitable communication between man, vehicles and roads, and is not considered as a solution for transportation problems only, but is an appropriate infra-structure  helping development of transportation industry, in this era. Development and  qualitative upgrading of traffic services in societies, along with the rapid growth of IT application in transportation, would lead to the development of man’s life as well as safety of roads.



Appropriate application of ITS services may create considerable development in safety, ease of movement and efficiency of traffic, playing an important role in reduction of undesirable effects of traffic congestion in the environment, preventing increased fuel consumption  and  increased waste of time  etc… 


Some of the long term objectives of this Center can be listed as follows:

  • Preparation of comprehensive ITS programming in national, provincial and urban levels
  • Accurate and efficient ITS management and planning
  • Reduction of crash damages and increasing the traffic safety
  • Reduction of fuel consumption, and  environmental effects of fuels
  • Reduction of travel time and delays,  and finally  passengers satisfaction  and calming of traffic flow by using new technologies
  • Creating safety for main and subsidiary roads of the country, with the priority of congested roads
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