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Providing the budget allocation model for Iran road network maintenance activities

Date of completion :January 2009 Start Date :March 2008

Nowadays, Due to high costs of building new roads, problems in the construction process, environmental, political and social diseases; road maintenance is one of the topics which has received many attentions. Required attention should be paid on this topic; otherwise, service life of facilities and road infrastructures will be decreased significantly. Also, road maintenance services will be along with many different drawbacks. In order to promote the maintenance strategies, budget allocation is of the most important activities. That is to say, lack of appropriate budget allocation structure for road maintenance services usually leads to confusing and complex plans. Towards this end, TPTRI made the provision for proper decision type based on important parameters involved in different stages of maintenance activities.

After consideration of the whole literature available on this topic, other parts of the project are as follows,

- Conducting an investigation into accomplished activities in other countries and conducting comparative studies

- Providing budget allocation model for Iran road network maintenance activities

- Suggestion of the maintenance legal act related to Iran road network

- Conclusion and proposing the final report

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