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Traffic studies and geometric design of Melat underground parking

 Date of completion :Jun 2012 Start Date :February 2011

Private vehicles` stopped time in cities is more than their moving time. Thus, designing and planning optimal and efficient locations to implement suitable inner-city parking bays, and taking appropriate management policies to utilize available space, are of the most important fields of inner-city transportation network design. The mentioned aspects have received little attention in the past. One of the solutions is to forecast suitable parking space in congested areas and city centers. This course of action will lead to reduction of lost time wasted to find parking space, decrease in fuel consumption and vehicle volume trying to find parking area. Finally, network dwell time will decrease significantly. According to what has been discussed above, Tehran Municipality was intended to construct Melat underground parking followed by construction of Sadr-Niayesh Tunnel. Required traffic studies and geometric design were considered by TPTRI. For more information on this project, please kindly contact TPTRI.

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