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Revision of ‘Airport Landside Design Code, No: 197’

 Date of completion :February 2009 Start Date :January 2008

Usage of available regulations and standards in provision steps (feasibility studies), design and study, implementation, staged operation, maintenance plans so as to cause technical and economic justification for plans, design and operation quality (service life), maintenance cost is one the most important actions in a civil project.

There are various regulations, standards and recommendations published by different institutions and organizations for airport terminal design (both domestic and international), access roads to the airport, parking space and other factors playing an important role in the airport. There are irrefutable proofs to support the claim that the available regulation and standards may not be adopted with Iran conditions. Until 2000 there is no evidence of codification of regulations and geometric criteria in airport landside design in Iran; therefore, consulting engineers, designers and/or Iran airline company technical staff used foreign regulations and standard to meet their needs. Thus, providing a national regulation was very important and necessary.

In this project,

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