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Consulting services for mechanization of Tehran Even-Odd Zones

 Date of completion :September 2012 Start Date :May 2012

This project was aimed to offer consulting services on mechanization process of Tehran Even- Odd Zone. In so doing, consulting provisions were offered as follows,

1- Consideration of whole terms and details related this project

2- Take Congestion Pricing and mechanized restricted area into account

2- 1- Consideration of advantages and disadvantages related to congestion pricing in Even Odd Zone

2- 2- Consideration of advantages and disadvantages of integrating Even- Odd Zones, and traffic scheme

2- 3- Considering the effects of mechanized Even Odd Zones on air pollution

2- 4- Considering the effects of mechanized Even Odd Zones on urban engineering

2- 5- Policies and plans related to the area of the traffic scheme

2- 6- Identifying and considering problems in pricing trend, and determination of the ratio of entering to traffic scheme locations

3- Determining the methodology

4- Data collection and providing a data bank related to Tehran traffic scheme location

5- Codification of different scenarios, modeling procedures and evaluating the efficiency of available scenarios

6- Development likelihood, and utilizing different scenarios (Feasibility Studies)

7- Conclusion

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