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Public training course for Tehran citizen and regrouping Traffic Training Park

 Date of completion :November 2011 Start Date :November 2010

This project consists of different steps in which training courses were provided to citizens, and also, related packages on traffic training courses were produced. The mentioned facilities were offered to people living in Tehran- region 5. Here different steps of the conducted research are as follows,

1- Literature review

Identifying the current situation along with people`s requirements by considering geographic, urban, economic, social and cultural features related to region 5.

2- Traffic Training Park

As for this topic; first of all, identification of geographic positions related to both access roads and transportation networks near Traffic Training Park was the first priority. Secondly, physical characteristics of Traffic Training Park design process, and understanding the current content of on-going training courses were of the other priorities.

3- Comparative studies

Analysis of available data, and related research background was carried out in the first step. In addition to this comparative study was carried out as well.

4- Propose the solutions

In this part of the project, attempts were made so as to tackle problems at hand by proposing appropriate solutions and strategies. Thus, a number of solutions were available to be taken into account by traffic and transportation engineers. Finally, the best solution was reached by required consideration and measurements.

5- Plan implementation

This step was mostly about implementation process. Firstly, implementation requirements so as to promote educational, and utilization levels of Traffic Training Park were taken under consideration. Secondly, solutions to use Traffic Training Park were recommended for short, middle and long Traffic Training Park terms.

6- Conclusion

This stage of the research includes offering the conclusion, prioritization of the proposed solutions; all and all, to promote the cultural level of people living in Tehran- region 5, and to develop the Traffic Training Park facilities.

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