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Preliminary studies on Hamedan light rail rapid transit

 Date of completion :July 2011 Start Date :July 2010

Rapid population growth and people`s tendency to use private vehicles cause traffic congestion and high traffic volume on the urban streets. There are policies such as supply incensement and/or demand management being able to decrease traffic volume depending on different situation. Efficient development and design of public transportation systems is the main goal of each traffic and transportation project. Light rail rapid transit can be adopted with different urban and local conditions and various street networks; therefore, usage of this mode of transportation can be the efficient solution so as to improve public transportation system. This system is capable of being integrated and unified with other modes of public transportation system like subway, taxi and bus. This project was to consider Hamedan current and future traffic and transportation conditions. Also, the implementation of light rail rapid transit system was evaluated.

Towards this end, the required data and information related to bus and mini- bus networks and taxi were gathered and considered; furthermore, the current public transportation level of performance was taken into account. According to traffic conditions in the project outlook, there were a number of solutions capable of improving the conditions in which light rail transit was taken into account as well. In the initial report, there were various studies and investigations correlated with Hamedan geographic, population, economic and social aspects, and brief explanation of public transportation system including paths, stops and a number of passengers in each lane. The final data and information were considered by related authorities to come to some sort of agreement on available traffic studies. For more information on this project, please kindly contact TPTRI.

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