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Aras International Airport comprehensive plan

 Date of completion :January 2008 Start Date :September 2007

This plan was carried out based on available traffic data, economic and social characteristics, and also, possible development in different fields of tourism industry and expected demand estimation for usage of Air Transport System. In so doing, decisions and plans made by employer lead us to the correct direction in carrying out the research project. After modeling the obtained predictions and consideration of current conditions, next phase was to forecast the input and output traffic, and also, prediction of the number of national (domestic) and international aircrafts` landing and taking off. Based on the mentioned consideration, required area for construction of airports and their related sections were analyzed. Furthermore, the design process was carried out by considering different possible scenarios. In addition to these, the proposed plans were analyzed and the best scenario was selected. Finally, the timeframe and required comprehensive plan was reached by TPTRI for Aras International Airport.

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