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Comprehensive plan studies related to strategic management in Tehran roads

 Date of completion :September 2012 Start Date :February 2012

Roads play an important role in different aspects related to a country; namely, economics, trading and management strategies. Located in the center of Iran, Tehran is a city in which not only, various road and highway networks joint together, but also, most of the business and industrial activities are done and planned in Tehran. Therefore, providing a comprehensive management system so as to increase roads` management and control strategies leads to efficient usage of roads. In so doing, in 2012, TPTRI was held accountable for conducting research projects on Tehran road networks and offering strategic documents (proofs) for management and planning procedures. To sum up, these studies were categorized in 5 steps, and 9 chapters. Finally, options, schemes, methods, suitable and efficient systems were proposed and evaluated to be accomplished in a short-term project (2017), middle-term (2035) and long-term one (2045). For more information on this project, please kindly contact TPTRI.

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