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Airport Design

Air transportation is one of most important transportation modes which has been grew so fast through last decades. This mode of transportation is rapid, reliable, economic and safe; therfore, These advantages has attracted passengers` attention considerably, and make this mode of transportation completely efficient in many aspects.

Accurate engineering and planning are great contribution in any successful transportation system. As there are so many constriants including money, time ,land and etc., engineers and planners should follow suitable and efficient standards and advanced technologies to obtain reasonable results.

the consideration procedures may include :

- Strategic planning Including what-if scenarios and Real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPI) analysis

- Roster and shift scheduling to optimize personnel resource utilization while incorporating employee preferences

- Task and break planning to ensure compliance with safety regulations compliance

- Real-time event management and dispatching

- Benefits of Air Traffic Controller Planning

- Increased employee satisfaction and motivation

- Efficient personnel utilization

- Significant cost savings and reduced overtime expenditure

- Organization wide transparency of available resources


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